StrackaLine green reading technology

Since 2007, StrackaLine has been the trusted Greens Guides and Yardage Book supplier to touring professionals, collegiate teams, and all levels of amateur golf. StrackaLine books elevate the overall level of play for any golfer, improves their scores by making more putts and will guarantee to help save strokes under critical tournament situations.  StrackaLine’s USGA compliant greens guides offer a level of detail and accuracy not available anywhere else for the most precise green reading.  The yardage books include complete tee-to-green measurements for every hole.

Utilizing patented, 3-D laser scanning technology, StrackaLine creates topographical greens maps that are accurate down to the millimeter. The greens maps feature easy to read arrows along with slope percent information and contour lines.  Using the detailed greens maps, golfers can more easily see the slope and break of each putt, allowing them to approach the ball with confidence.

StrackaLine has scanned over 16,000 courses including some of the nation’s most prominent layouts. It takes just eight minutes to scan and capture an entire green and the StrackaLine team can complete an 18-hole course and practice green in five hours without disrupting play.

While the greens guides have surged in popularity over the last 3-5 years, detailed greens maps have been around for decades. In 2008, StrackaLine acquired the “Gorjus George” Lucas yardage book business. A former caddie to Arnold Palmer, Lucas had been selling hand-drawn yardage books to other caddies since the late 1970s. In 2008 StrackaLine greens guides were used on the PGA Tour for the first time at the Sony Open at Waialae Country Club, beginning a journey that continues with the company’s still growing popularity.

Meanwhile, PGA Tour caddies were rolling balls on greens, writing notes, and purchasing hand-drawn maps from Lucas. It was a time-consuming process that produced accurate, if not extremely precise, information at the professional level. For amateurs without caddies, assistance on the greens was virtually non-existent.

The StrackaLine Combination books (Greens Guides and Yardage in one book) include the following:

  • USGA compliant Greens Guides with:
    • 3 different green depictions:
      • Slope % view.
      • Slope heat map view.
      • Elevation View.
    • Stats and notes page.
  • Yardage book portion includes complete tee to green measurements for every hole along with:
    • Elevation changes tee to green.
    • Cover distance to bunkers and penalty areas.
    • Distance Rings.
    • Compass off tee shot and to greens.
    • Fairway arrows (when available).
    • Width of Key areas such as penalty to penalty areas.

The best players in the world are using StrackaLine books and you can too!

Thanks to a partnership with StrackaLine, books can be purchased for a reduced price.  A 20% off discount will be automatically added to your shopping cart at checkout.  CLICK HERE to purchase books for any course in the StrackaLine database! Or use the code IRONSANDESTATES to apply the discount.

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