Renovate Program

Renovate Program,

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Property Assessment

a Schedule a meeting with the sellers to visit the property and assess its current condition.

b Conduct a thorough evaluation of the property to determine its market value in its current state.

c Document any repairs or upgrades that may be necessary to improve the property's value (e.g., cosmetic fixes, structural repairs, upgrades).

d Calculate the After Repaired Value (ARV) of the property, taking into account the potential improvements.


Gathering Bids and Negotiations

Identify the specific repairs and upgrades required based on the assessment.

Reach out to handymen, tradesmen, and contractors to obtain bids for the potential projects.

Evaluate the bids received and select the most suitable vendors based on their expertise, cost, and timeline.

Negotiate with the selected vendors to ensure the best deal for the sellers, considering costs and timelines.


Seller Consultation

a Schedule a meeting with the sellers to discuss the costs, timelines, and value of the repairs.

b Present the quotes obtained from the vendors and explain the scope of work for each repair or upgrade.

c Discuss the financial implications of each option and provide recommendations based on the property's market value and the sellers' preferences.

d Collaborate with the sellers to make a final decision on which repairs or upgrades to pursue.


Contracting and Vendor Management

Prepare and finalize contracts with the selected vendors for the approved repairs and upgrades.

Coordinate and manage all vendors involved in the project, ensuring they understand the scope, deadlines, and quality expectations.

Regularly communicate with vendors to track progress, address any issues that arise, and ensure adherence to agreed timelines and costs.

Utilize a comprehensive tracking system to monitor the project's status and provide consistent updates to the sellers.


Staging Your Home

a Evaluate the need for staging based on the property's condition and market demands.

b Offer partial or full staging services to enhance the visual appeal of the property.

c Coordinate with professional stagers to design and implement an aesthetically pleasing interior that highlights the property's potential.

d Ensure that the staging aligns with the target market and showcases the property's best features.



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Renovate Program

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