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Our USGA compliant greens guides offer a level of detail and accuracy not available anywhere else for the most precise green reading.

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AJ Powers

AJ Powers represents the region's finest properties with exceptional skill using the most innovative technologies currently available. AJ Powers offers ultimate privacy and security, speed, and efficiency. His years of full-time experience have given him a clear understanding of the mindset of home buyers and sellers and a thorough understanding of the regional marketplace.



StrackaLine was founded in 2007 by father and son, Jim and Chase Stracka. Both are avid golfers and set off on the project to combine their expertise in technology with their passion for the game of golf.

In 2008, StrackaLine teamed up with former tour caddie of Arnold Palmer, "Gorjus George" Lucas. From 1976 to 2008, Lucas created the famous "bright orange" hand drawn yardage books used on professional and amateur golf tours.

Lucas produced his first full-fledged book for the 1976 Memphis Classic. Not yet a full-time surveyor, he was still nurturing his own tour-pro dreams (he won the New Hampshire Open in 1980 as an amateur) and looping for such pros as Tom Shaw, Bobby Walzel as well as Arnie. In his guides, each hole is mapped with precise distance measurements and notes of all vital information in the context of what a professional golfer needs to know about a golf hole.

Starting in 2013, StrackaLine's team of expert surveyors will be canvassing the country's golf courses to laser scan each putting green. The short game, putting in particular, is the most important part of your golf game. Yes, it may impress your friends to be able to hit a ball 300 yards off the tee, but if you can't putt well, then all that distance is in vain. The most successful professional golfers are not the ones who hit it the farthest, they are the ones who sink the most putts.

Putting in golf is highly underrated and is rarely practiced, except by players at the highest level. Using the StrackaLine, golfers will better understand which way the putt will break and why.

Join us in revolutionizing the most important part of the game with our state of the art technology.



StrackaLine green reading technology

StrackaLine green reading technology

Since 2007, StrackaLine has been the trusted Greens Guides and Yardage Book supplier to touring professionals, collegiate teams, …

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