Designing With An Interior Designer

Nothing is more personable than the aesthetic and design of each individual’s home. It is an exciting project to design your space to be your perfect haven.  However, with all the options and design choices, it can be a daunting start. The collaboration between homeowner and interior designer brings the space from ordinary to extraordinary. Interior designers have the unique expertise to conceptualize, plan and create inspiring spaces that truly reflect the homeowners desires and individuality within their home.

Vision & Conceptual Design

Interior designers uniquely design each project to match the needs of their clients.  This includes design aesthetic, budget and expectations for the space. They review architectural drawings or the existing home and work on developing a design style and concept. Interior designers go beyond simply selecting color and arranging furniture. They have an artistic vision, technical skill, and industry knowledge that ensures your home to seamlessly fit your lifestyle, personality and aspirations.

They research and collect inspirational photos and material samples for a preliminary concept-design presentation for their client. What does your dream home look like? The more they know about you through meetings, calls, and inspiration photos, the better they can shape the space to tailor your needs and wants in the design project.

Interior Design

After the initial presentation, the interior design team starts working on the interior design set which will typically include:

  • Spacing planning, interior elevations, furniture planning
  • Creating mood boards with fixtures, finishes and furniture selections
  • Customizing a specification book with fixture, finish, and furniture selections
  • Gathering samples, scheduling visits with vendors and finalizing material selections

Construction Phase

Interior designers make regular site visits to assist with all design related installations.  The builder and interior designer collaborate closely to ensure the project smoothly incorporates both functionality and aesthetics.

When the construction phase nears completion, the interior designer visits the home for final touches and styling. This will include furniture placement, artwork selection, and any details that will bring the design to life.

In conclusion, working with an interior designer will transform your living spaces to reflect your personality, values and aspirations. The partnership with an interior designer is a valuable investment to make the most of your everyday space. With their expertise and creativity, they can bring purpose and elevated beauty to every space in your home.



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