Frequently Asked Questions Before Building Your Custom Home

San Diego is known for its diverse architectural styles and innovative interior design. With coastal influences and Spanish culture, our homes are reflective of San Diego’s blend of traditional and contemporary style.

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At Dagan Design and Construction, we work with clients’ unique design and build needs. We focus on crafting bespoke homes and home renovation projects that tailor to our clients. Our designs reflect their lifestyles and unique styles. We persistently strive to excel as the best builder and take pride in our designs and builds.

Here are some frequently asked questions we get before starting a new project:

What is a pre-construction agreement?

Through the pre-construction agreement, we provide a spec sheet with a detailed scope of work and estimated pricing associated, along with a detailed schedule with approximate timelines to complete the work. This would be completed as we move further into the project and have a full set of architectural and design plans. The benefit of signing this pre-construction agreement early on would be availability for feasibility questions as well as value engineering suggestions.

What is the difference between a cost plus and fixed fee contractor?

A cost plus contractor bills the project based on actual cost spent plus markup. Due to varying design changes and complexity of some projects, cost plus can be the best way to handle the varying changes and specific details.

A fixed fee contractor bases their total on the built out specification sheet at the beginning of the project. Any varying design or build changes are billed as change orders.

How can we work best together?

It is always helpful for our client to be decisive and timely in responses and decisions made for DDC to continue with construction progress. We ask for flexibility, patience, and a general understanding of the construction process. There will be times where we rely on trust from our clients to keep the project moving forward, and we trust our clients to understand the changes in the construction process. Prompt payments help us stay on schedule with the build, and keep our subcontractors working on their scope of work.

How can we get our project completed on schedule?

The schedule given at the beginning of the project is a generalized idea of sequential phases of work. It is a loose guideline of how construction will commence.

To maintain the project schedule, we need a clear understanding of the scope of work and all selections made before work begins. This helps us order all materials needed, and ensure there are no material holdups. Changes to scope of work or selections can alter the schedule and may cause delays.

How do you handle construction changes?

We require a new floor plan or elevation drawing from the designer or our in-house designer to ensure our field workers and subcontractors are up to date with new changes. Small changes that don’t affect floor plan can usually be made on site with client approval.

Depending on the change of scope, one small change can create a trickle effect. This change may result in new structural, electrical, drywall, plumbing, etc

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