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Let’s face it: insurance can be downright boring. The endless jargon, complex policies, and the never-ending paperwork can make your eyes glaze over. That’s what inspired Jamie Reid, chairman, and Gabe Erle, president, to introduce a different approach by bringing a fresh and innovative perspective to insurance and risk management. Established in 2017 and based in San Diego, C3 Risk & Insurance Services incorporates non-insurance elements to offer a comprehensive service to their clients. By doing so, they have been able to revolutionize the insurance sector, ensuring clients receive optimal products, competitive prices, and extensive coverage in a timely manner.

Furthermore, they’ve created a community of employees who enjoy a dynamic, fun environment where they can create the lives they want, without the typical restraints of corporate culture. This sentiment translates into how C3 fosters client relationships and creates lasting connections that extend beyond mere business affairs, establishing trust and genuine partnerships for the long term.

Here’s how they do it:

Tailored Solutions
One size does not fit all. C3 takes the time to understand your unique needs and customize insurance solutions that suit you perfectly. Whether you’re protecting your home, business, or planning for retirement, their focus is on crafting personalized insurance answers, enabling you to secure your assets and shield the cherished elements and individuals in your life. Their connections with top-tier providers in the field enable them to advocate for you and secure coverage, even in situations where alternatives fall short.

Client-Centric Approach
Clients are at the heart of everything C3 does. Expect prompt responses, helpful advice, and a commitment to making insurance a breeze. Beyond that, C3 adds color to the world of insurance, offering clients opportunities to build meaningful relationships and attend unique events.

Simplified Language, No Jargon
C3 bids farewell to convoluted insurance jargon. Their Personal Lines team takes the time to talk through policies, so you feel like it’s a walk in the park. No more deciphering confusing terms and conditions – they make insurance crystal clear.

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Matt Clark, leader of C3’s Private Client Services department, has over 19 years in the insurance industry. From owning his own agencies to joining C3, Matt is passionate about helping people with their personal assets in the high net space.

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